18 April, 2014


To all of you who have written to us about Sunder – some with joy at his release, some with apprehensions about his future – we promise that neither PETA nor WRRC are going leave any stone unturned to give him a good life!

Being in captivity is a tragic situation for such an intelligent animal with very critical requirements for food, water, social life, habitat and free movement.

The Hon’ble High Court of Maharashtra has specifically directed that he be sent to our facility, Bannerghatta Rehabilitation Center (BRC) in Karnataka. We’re working against time and within the constraints of available labour, to ensure that his housing is secure, safe and stress-free, and will allow him choices that he has been denied so far.

A team of elephant experts are advising us on various possibilities: solar fencing, shade areas, a wallowing pool, a shower… there’s a lot to be done, and it will take time. But we’ll be ready soon! Please be patient with us and tolerate any delays which may crop up.

Thank you for all your prayers, and your compassion!

Pic: Courtesy: Dr. Manilal and team, PeTA

9 April, 2014

In response to the enormous amount of concern and awareness that Sundar has generated on the fate of elephants in captivity in the country, WRRC has been directed by the High Court Of Maharashtra to receive him and help him in the process of rehabilitation and recovery. Sunder has known physical abuse, chains, loneliness and misery for almost a decade. We look forward to welcoming Sunder at our rescue and rehabilitation center,  to start his new life and in working with PETA to ensure Sunder will live in a caring environment, be given time to adjust to being able to live without beatings, able to bathe in a pond, walk about and receive the care and respect that he deserves.

We will work fast now although some time is needed to get some critical arrangements into place. Further updates will happen regularly as and when his journey starts…

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